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What is GitOps & How it works?

GitOps is a way of implementing Continuous Deployment for cloud native applications. It focuses on a developer-centric experience when operating infrastructure, by using tools developers are already familiar with, including Git and Continuous Deployment tools. The main idea of GitOps is having a Git repository that always contains declarative descriptions of the infrastructure currently desired […]

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What is Argo CD?

At its very simplest, Argo CD is an open-source GitOps continuous delivery tool. It monitors your cluster and your declaratively-defined infrastructure stored in a Git repository and resolves differences between the two — effectively automating an application deployment.  You may have also heard of it as a Kubernetes controller. Kubernetes helped change how infrastructure is

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Trifinix - Cloud Computing and DevOps

Differences Between High Code, Low Code and No Code

High code High-code assembly relies on developers to write and deploy code. This assembly model is ideal for applications where the code should be tied to the experience itself. Developers will often rely on JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular or frameworks specifically designed for mobile or native applications. Content and data is typically provided

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