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Our migration solutions address the people, process, technology, and financial considerations throughout the migration journey to ensure your project achieves the desired business outcomes. The roadmap and the governance procedures that were identified during the first two phases are successfully implemented during this stage. Your organization will achieve the desired condition that we had envisioned during the discovery phases if cloud native adoption is effective.

The migration of hundreds or thousands of workloads to the cloud must be done in stages, with each phase building on the one before it. These phases include evaluation, mobilization, actual migration, and modernization.

Services for cloud migration assist businesses in moving their databases and apps to the cloud. We help you modernize and transform your applications while moving to the cloud to reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security. Many organizations can accelerate their migration and reap cloud benefits faster. Migrating with Cloud has been proven to unlock substantial business value across several key metrics. We gain an understanding of the current maturity of the cloud native platforms and infrastructure of your organization. After the assessment, we then lay out a roadmap for the migration. Here, we’ll also envision a target state where the cloud platform migration is successfully completed.

Trifinix - Cloud Computing and DevOps

A process known as “cloud migration” involves deploying an organization’s digital resources, services, and/or applications in the cloud. Many businesses want to update their technological infrastructure and plans. Your modernization objectives can be advanced toward—and finally attained—by using cloud migration. By using the cloud to modernize, you can cut costs and get easier access to data, which will allow you to find insights more quickly and take advantage of additional opportunities.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Through the analysis of your unique business challenges, we will provide you with a custom and optimized cloud migration strategy. Thanks to our decades-long expertise in the industry, our migration strategies will save you time, costs, and risks.

Cloud Application Migration

Codification uses automated cloud migration management techniques as well as lift and shift approaches. Our workflow delivers a smooth migration process, geared toward giving you the best value.

Cloud Maturity Assessment

This preliminary assessment is performed prior to the discovery and the strategy stages. It evaluates the current maturity of the cloud native stack in your organization - and recommends the steps towards optimum migration strategy.

Cloud Application Discovery

We evaluate and assess your existing infrastructure, applications, and data to determine the most appropriate services for your business based on your unique needs.

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Cloud migration involves significant changes within the organization, spanning people, processes, and technology. Build simple to complex projects with an easy-to-use and consistent portal experience that offers the cloud services you need most.
Business leaders are aware that modern cloud applications may significantly enhance the user experience while lowering IT ownership costs and accelerating innovation. The transition to the cloud, however, frequently involves technical and budgetary challenges. To enable customers to benefit from its top-tier cloud applications, Oracle is paving the way to the cloud with a program of adaptable financial models, quick installation services, and packaged integration services.

Trifinix - Cloud Computing and DevOps

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